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SEO Report Templates:
Saving Your Time and Efforts

There is no need to rack your brain trying to figure out the formula of a perfect report. We've already done it for you. So, although all our reports are totally customizable, you are also more than welcome to use our one-size-fits-all templates, which are by no means worse.

Within the years of working with a huge amount of various website-owners and SEO companies, we have worked out some default templates for you to stick to if you're on a hunt for new ideas or simply don't want to bother yourself arranging reports on your own. These templates are available for each and every tool in SEO PowerSuite range.

Default rankings and traffic report templates

We know that you are not having the time of your life constantly sitting and monitoring your rankings day and night, nobody does. Luckily, those times have gone for good, and now you can fully enjoy ready-made rankings and traffic reports in Rank Tracker, which will totally save your priceless time and efforts. Have a look!

Ranking Summary
Keyword Rankings and Visibility
Competition Rankings
Keyword Ranking (by SE)
Keyword Rankings (by Keyword)
Keyword Research
Organic Website Traffic
Domain Strength

Default on-page SEO report templates

When in need of comprehensive website's structure and content auditing, sample WebSite Auditor reports are rain in a desert. In a nutshell, the tool "X-rays" your site to diagnose any hidden issues for you to take action and "cure" the site in time. Except giving some practical advice on how to fix those issues, reports will also help keeping your finger on pulse in terms of: issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions, pages with W3C CSS errors and warnings, broken links and suspicious redirects, and other stuff that can potentially harm your site. Get acquainted with the templates below to always keep your site safe and sound.

Site Audit (Summary)
Site Audit (Details)
Page Audit (Summary)
Page Audit (Details)
Page Usability
Domain Strength

Default backlink research report templates

Bearing in mind the golden rule of SEO, which is "Never underestimate the power of backlinks", we created SEO SpyGlass Report samples for you to always keep track of your backlink profile and not only yours, by the way. Monitor your backlinks' quality, discover other backlink sources, carry out link profile comparison with the help of SEO report templates below. Check them out!

Backlink Summary
Backlinks (Details)
Link Profile Comparison
Visual Backlink Summary
Domain Strength

Default link-building report templates

The stony and winding road to search engine's heart definitely becomes much easier to walk with relevant and good-quality links pointing to your site. Undoubtedly, the process of link building is sometimes far from being a piece of cake. That is why LinkAssistant SEO report templates are irreplaceable when it comes to verifying the status of backlinks, finding numerous link prospects, and tracking other useful link parameters.

Link prospecting
Link Building
Domain Strength

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