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Build excellent SEO reports with time — and practice-refined report templates

Each tool in SEO PowerSuite toolkit offers you a set of handy and battle-proven inbuilt reports templates. Based on real-life experience of hundreds of individual website promoters and SEO companies, these on-tap templates organize all vitally important SEO data in the most convenient way for you. In a mouse click, generate eye-candy, professional and logically-built SEO reports with the readymade templates, instead of spending hours on picking up and arranging all necessary data on your own.

Now read on about the top-notch default report templates in each of SEO PowerSuite tools:

You can put these templates to use right off, or learn how to make up your own templates, reflecting your particular needs and likings, in Customizing your reports section.

Rank Tracker Default rankings and traffic report templates in Rank Tracker

Your website's rankings for each targeted keyword are something to have your eyes glued on, because even a one-position rise in Google's results page can double the traffic your website gets. Monitoring your search engine rankings means always being aware of:

  • What's SEO good and SEO bad for your website
  • How your SEO progress is going
  • Where to apply your efforts to get maximum exposure and number of visitors for your website

Besides, it is important to keep track of the amount of direct Internet traffic your website gets. By looking to your site's:

  • Current traffic rates and their historical changes
  • Top traffic-generating keywords
  • Top traffic-rich webpages
  • Bounce rates
  • and other factors

you can track how you SEO efforts convert into actual visits and, thus, better target your optimization tactics by picking keywords that, apart from being popular among searchers, also trigger lots of clicks.

Rankings and traffic reports by Rank Tracker give the clearest picture of your current website's rankings and traffic and how they blow hot and cold over time. Controlling these data is absolutely necessary for any successful SEO campaign.

Note: Click to look through the samples of Rank Tracker's SEO rankings reports .

Keyword Rankings and Visibility Report template

Rankings Overview template

Keyword Rankings and Visibility Report gives one a good overview of any website's positions across different search engines. It begins with a progress graph that shows your site's overall visibility with its ups and downs over time. Then follows an easy-to-grasp visibility chart that lets you see how visible your site is in different search engines.

The top rankings overview table demonstrates how many #1, top 3, top 10 and top 100 rankings your website has. And, finally, the details on your website's positions in search engines for all your target keywords are provided.

So, you can use the report to either quickly see how your site preforms in all your target search engines, or, if necessary, look into a particular search engine or a particular keyword.

Competition Rankings Report template

Historical Data template

Competition Rankings Report compares your website's ranking performance to that of your direct competitors. With this report you get great insight into competitors' ongoing SEO efforts, which is vital for your SEO success.

A visual progress graph and an easy-to-read visibility chart that both compare yours and competitors' rankings progress, allow you to estimate "the balance of power" in the SERPs and analyze competition in a flash.

Keyword Rankings Report (grouped by keyword) template

Competition Rankings Report template

Keyword Rankings Report provides vital ranking data on each of your target keywords. Estimate your website's search engine visibility for each keyword, see where your site ranks in the search engines of your choice, get the exact URLs of the ranking pages and see rankings dynamics since your last check.

Besides, the report contains Web traffic statistics, too. Watch how many visits each keyword has generated for your site and pick the most traffic-generating keywords to focus your SEO efforts on.

Keyword Rankings Report (grouped by SE) template

Competition Rankings Report template

By having a quick glance at this report, you can easily grasp how a website is doing in each of your targeted search engines in terms of rankings and visibility.

The report begins with a colorful graph that shows your site's visibility in the SEs you are targeting. It then lists all your target search engines and provides your site's rankings and visibility details for each keyword.

Keyword Research Report template

Competition Rankings Report template

Keyword Research Report allows you to analyze your keywords and discover new keyword possibilities at ease. It provides 2 vital metrics for each keyword on your list: its KEI (keyword efficiency index, calculated by taking into account the # of online searches a keyword gets and the # of sites competing for this term in the SERPs) and the number of actual visits it generates.

Besides, you can also see how many visitors will come to your site (expected visits), if you manage to rank #1 for a particular search term.

Website Visitors (Traffic) Report template

Competition Rankings Report template

Full of visual diagrams and eye-candy graphs, Website Visitors Report allows you to easily analyze the traffic coming to your website. This way you can hone your SEO strategy to make it not only rankings- but also Web traffic-oriented.

Learn what keywords bring you the most visitors, and which of them do not generate as much traffic as you'd like. Watch what exact webpages your traffic is going to, and see whether they are engaging enough to make users spend time on your site (you can tell by looking at your webpages' bounce rates).

Track the effectiveness of your SEO initiatives and be in full control of your SEO progress. Download Rank Tracker now to dig into all kinds of ranking and traffic data.

To learn how to customize default report templates, or create your own ones in Rank Tracker and other SEO PowerSuite tools, switch to Customizing your reports section.

WebSite Auditor Default on-page SEO report templates in WebSite Auditor

On-page SEO, which deals with your website's coding and content, is the foundation of your whole SEO campaign. SEO reports in WebSite Auditor analyze dozens of on-page factors and tell you exactly what to do and how to build your website and its separate pages so that it becomes #1 in search engines.

These on-page SEO analysis reports are just what you need to:

  • Tailor your website to the requirements of any of 750 supported search engines
  • Detect and instantly adjusted your site to any changes in these requirements
  • Develop a sure-win strategy of building a new website
  • Make necessary changes to skyrocket the rankings of an already existing site
  • Get plain-English instructions that make your SEO a success with no special skills required from you
  • Share on-page SEO data with clients, boss, or peer workers
  • Identify any lacunas or problem areas in current on-page optimization
  • Optimize each element of your website's HTML code to a T
  • Analyze your website as a system and detect any problem spots in it
  • Build your internal link structure in the most efficient way
  • Eliminate any duplicate content issues and page loading problems
  • Detect critical W3C validation errors and warnings in your site's HTML code
  • Find best possible placement for all your targeted keywords
  • Analyze key content factors, such as keyword density and prominence
  • Compare your website to those of top 10 competitors in your business niche
  • Unearth all fruitful on-page techniques your competitors use
  • Look upon your website through search engines' eyes
  • and much more...

Website Structure Audit Report template

Historical Data template

This report deals with all on-page SEO factors that relate to your whole website. It helps you identify any problem spots all through your pages and ensure your website as a system works like a clock. The report gives insight into all coding-related aspect, including the validity of your pages HTML code, title and meta-description usage issues, internal and external link structure and so on.

The report comes in two versions:

  1. Website Structure Audit Report (Compact View) lets you go through all the important structural aspects of your site and see what structural flaws are causing site crawlability issues that may be affecting your rankings.

  2. Website Structure Audit Report (Detailed View) provides details on the aspects mentioned above and displays the exact URLs that need your attention.

Page Structure Audit Report template

A-Z Content Optimization Report template

Page Structure Audit Report contains the results of an individual page's crawlability and coding check, which helps you easily spot any structural issues on a specific page. Besides, using the report, you can make sure a page has a meta title and a meta description that are unique and of an appropriate length. The report also shows page's social media popularity and its general ranking factors (Google PR and similar).

Page Optimization Audit Report template

WebSite Content Auditor's Report template

Page Optimization Audit Report deals with content optimization on your site. The report shows the overall optimization rate of a particular page and lets you see how well its each individual HTML element is optimized. Based on the analysis of your top 10 competing sites, it provides plain-English optimization tips for your page's title, meta description, headings, body text, anchor texts, and more. By looking at this report, you can quickly decide how many keywords you need on your page to attain top rankings and where these keywords should go.

Search Engine View Report template

In-House Content Auditor's Report template

Search Engine View Report lets you get into search engines' shoes and see your website exactly the way search engines do. Make out which keywords on your website seem most prominent to the search engines and what changes will certainly improve your website's rankings in them

WebSite Auditor's reports answer each and every on-page SEO question you might have. Download Website Auditor straight off to lead your website to the top of Google at no time.

To learn how to customize default report templates, or create your own ones in WebSite Auditor and other SEO PowerSuite tools, switch to Customizing your reports section.

SEO SpyGlass Default backlink research report templates in SEO SpyGlass

Backlinks are said to account for up to 50% of your site's success in the SERPs. Therefore, it's important to keep an eye on the number and quality of backlinks on your site and discover new backlink sources, by analyzing your competitors' backlink strategies.

These two vital backlink research tasks are exactly what SEO SpyGlass reports let you do in a flash.

  • Get a complete list of backlinks on a site in minutes
  • Uncover vital SEO metrics concerning each backlink
  • X-ray competitor's entire backlink landscape
  • Learn competitor's link building strength and weaknesses
  • Discover tons of valuable backlink sources to tap into
  • Get a list of high-PR article and press release directories to get links from
  • Use an extensive database of Internet directories to submit your site to

Website Backlinks Analysis Report template

SEO Success Blueprint template

Website Backlinks Analysis Report lets you see any site's backlink structure in full. Uber-visual charts and diagrams help you grasp the gist easier and evaluate the link building situation on a given site in a snap.

See how many backlinks a website has, what PR those links are and where they come from. Estimate how much SEO value they bring as a bunch by looking at what portion of them are reciprocal, nofollow, restricted from indexing, etc. Discover the most frequently used anchor texts and see top "juiciest" backlink sources.

Website Backlinks Report template

SEO Success Blueprint Enterprise template

Website Backlinks Report is, in fact, a clear-cut list of all the backlinks (their exact URLs) on a certain site with only the most important SEO metrics displayed for each. Check each link's PR and Alexa Rank — that's it, you can easily estimate each link's SEO value and spot top-flight backlink sources to tap into.

SEO Success Blueprint template

Articles Directories template

SEO Success Blueprint is a 7-step SEO success plan that tells you exactly how to overthrow any competing site from the Google's top. The strategy is formed by taking into account the hidden secrets of your most successful competitors and creating a custom-tailored winning SEO strategy for your site.

The blueprint begins with the tips on how to best optimize your page titles and anchor tests for your target keywords. It then goes on to explain how to boost your site's PR and provides an extensive list of online resources that help you do that, including popular article and press release directories. It also contains a hand-picked, 1,500 item-long list of best free Internet directories to submit your site to. Just follow these tips and watch your search engine rankings increase dramatically.

Moreover, the report lets you uncover competitors' most valuable traffic sources. So, tap in those and drive scores of new visitors to your website.

Grab your copy of SEO SpyGlass right now to apply the huge power of competitive intelligence to your website optimization.

To learn how to customize default report templates, or create your own ones in SEO SpyGlass and other SEO PowerSuite tools, switch to Customizing your reports section.

SEO SpyGlass Default link-building report templates in LinkAssistant

Link building — which means getting relevant, quality links pointing to your site from other websites — is the surest way to win search engines' love and top rankings. That's why link building is the cornerstone of your SEO campaign. And link building is a success only if you are in full control over the progress and have all essential data at your fingertips to make informed and sure-winning decisions.

LinkAssistant's reports are just what you need to have a chock hold on your link building, which is vital for your website to storm into Google's top.

Link Building Report template

Link Building Report template

Link Building Report gives a quick overview and deep analysis of your link building campaign.

See how many link partners you have and how many of them are actually linking to your site. Verify whether the links have been placed as agreed, or have the wrong anchor text or anchor URL. Analyze your backlinks grouped by their total link value, PR, Alexa Rank, etc. Also, the overall link popularity of your website, calculated according to a special formula.

The report can be used by SEO's to analyze the results of their link building campaigns, as well as to report link building progress to clients.

Link Partner Management Report template

Backlink Anchor Report template

Link Partner Management Report provides exhaustive information on your link exchange partners. See how many link partners you have at the moment. Check at what stages of link establishment process they are (link request sent, website links back, and others).

See how backlinks from partners are distributed across your link directory. Run a verification check and make sure all the partners' backlinks are in place and nobody is using black hat techniques to trick you (nofollow tags, etc.).

Partner Management Report collects information on your link exchange partners. See if your partners do link back to you without using any black hat SEO techniques and keep to the terms of your agreement. Analyze all important statistical data concerning the link directory on your website.

Power-charge your link-building campaign with spot-on, clear-cut link building reports. Get you copy of LinkAssistant right now and hit Google's top with thousands of new backlinks from partner sites.

To learn how to customize default report templates, or create your own ones in LinkAssistant and other SEO PowerSuite tools, switch to Customizing your reports section.

Grab SEO PowerSuite software right now to get your hands on top-quality report templates and other fantastic features it has to offer.