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Print, e-mail or publish your SEO reports online quickly and easily

One of the greatest things about reports in SEO PowerSuite is that you can easily make them available outside your software.

Whether you want to deliver SEO reports to your clients, share them with co-workers and the higher-ups, or just have the paper report at hand when the computer is out of reach — it's no problem. You can save your reports for print-out, send them via email or upload them to a website (we generally call all these options "report publishing" for short).

Report formats

Whenever publishing your reports, you can choose which of the two output report formats suits you most:

1) Adobe PDF — an industry-standard format which is ideal for printing out. You can also send the PDF to your clients without worrying if they use a Mac or a PC — PDF documents will look great on any operating system.

2) HTML — the format generally used for webpages on the Internet. It suites the best if you want your reports viewed in a browser.

Save Saving reports to a hard-drive

With SEO PowerSuite you can instantly save SEO reports to your computer to print them out, or send them via e-mail later. You can come back to the saved reports whenever you need to. You can even keep a whole "report library" on your computer, so that you always have all crucial info at your fingertips.

Using a publishing profile, SEO PowerSuite will organize a neat folder structure for the saved reports, creating a folder for each of your customers, websites, or sorting the reports by the date of creation. It will also take care of proper report naming and zip all your reports if you only wish so.

Send Sending reports via e-mail

E-mailing your SEO reports is also a moment's task with SEO PowerSuite. All you have to do is configure your e-mail settings once. From that instant, thanks to the Publishing profiles feature, SEO PowerSuite will do the emailings in one click of a mouse, without your going through the configuration steps ever again. There are even the ready-made templates for your emails with reports, which spare you the writing.

Upload Uploading reports to a website

Finally, SEO PowerSuite reports are quickly uploaded to your website via FTP, so that you can make the reports available online to anyone interested, be that your clients, colleagues or anyone else. Publishing profiles let you configure your FTP settings just once and then upload all your reports in a single click of a mouse.

Maximize your efficiency with publishing profiles

With SEO PowerSuite you don't have to repeat one and the same steps over and over again. To save maximum time on report publishing, the software uses advanced publishing profiles.

When publishing your report, you configure the settings and fill in the necessary data just once. All the settings and data are then saved in a publishing profile. You can create an unlimited number of publishing profiles for every project and then select the necessary one in a mouse-click.

Using the publishing profiles, you can even program the software to publish your reports on autopilot. Just choose the profile to be used and the time and date you want the report to be published. Say, every Friday at 5 p.m. you want a Rankings Report sent to Mr. X. Just set a scheduled task and forget about it. Every Friday at 5 p.m. the report will be emailed to your client whether you're at your computer or not.

Try out the report publishing options in SEO PowerSuite: save, email or publish your reports to the Web in the easiest and quickest way.