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Manage Your SEO Reporting
on Autopilot

When the "hardest" part of creating a dream report is over, it's high time for a lot more pleasant one — showing your creation to the world. By saying it we mean 5 available options for managing your reports. These are: saving, printing, sending via email, sharing, and publishing to a website. What is more, you can automate the whole process of SEO reporting letting SEO PowerSuite do the entire thing for you.


Saving reports

Create your personal report archive by saving reports to a hard-drive, so that you could always pull out the needed one, send it, or print it whenever you want. To make your "report shelf" even more organized you can use a publishing profile and sort your reports by customers, dates, or websites.

Printing out reports

The "Print" button is there for those who prefer a paper copy to an electronic version of a report. Just hit the button and enjoy a freshly made report right in your hands. Moving on!

Emailing reports

Sending your report to a client in just one click? Easy. Just configure your email settings once in your publishing profile and you're done with emailing for good. You don't even need to bother with writing, email templates can do it for you as well. Minimum efforts — maximum profit, that’s what we stand for.

Sharing reports

Provide your customer with instant access to your report by uploading it to your SEO PowerSuite Cloud and getting a direct report URL to share. Voila!

Publishing reports to a website

Uploading reports to your website is another useful feature for you to check out if you want to make reports available online to your clients or colleagues. Just like with e-mailing, simply configure your FTP settings and upload reports to your website on autopilot.

Automate reports' publishing

The last thing we want you to do is going through the Groundhog Day over and over again. A publishing profile is there to free you from this vicious circle. The point is all the settings you configure are saved in a publishing profile. You can create an unlimited number of publishing profiles for every single project. So, when you need to publish a report, you can simply choose a profile to be used and you're done. From now and on your reports will be published automatically, and it doesn't matter if you are at a computer or chilling on vacation.

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